Dot Net Developer
  1. 2 yrs Experience in ASP Dot Net.
  2. + 1yrs Experience in MVC.
Senior Web Designer
  1. Photoshop for HTML conversion.
  2. Dreamweaver.
  3. Visual Studio for HTML Integration to Development Team.
Web Development
  1. Bootstrap UI Framework.
  2. JQuery, Jquery Plugins.
  3. JQuery Module Development.
  4. ECMAScript 3 (JavaScript 1.7) Proficiency (Closures, Anonymous Calls, etc).
  5. HTML 4, 5.
  6. CSS 2, 3.
  7. Responsive UI.
  8. XHTML Mastery (and it's relation to HTML).
  9. Web Standards.
  10. MOS (Mozilla, Opera, Safari) and IE Development Differences.
  11. Firefox Utilities (Firebug, Web Developer Toolbar).
  12. Core Ajax Fundamentals.
Additional Skills
  1. Object Oriented Concepts.
  2. AngularJS.
  3. Mobile UI Development Frameworks like JQuery Mobile, etc.
Junior Tester
  1. Candidates should be Graduate in Engineering / Science /Computers.
  2. Should have at least 1-2 years of Software Quality Assurance and Manual Testing experience.
  3. Knowledge of various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) & Software Test Lifecycle (STLC).
  4. Hand on experience on Black box testing.
  5. Proficient with unit, Integration, system, Regression and UAT Testing.
  6. Strong Analytical skill.
  7. Knowledge/hand on experience on Test Scenario/Test Case writing based on Business requirement.
  8. Proficient with test case/defect management tool.
  9. Candidates should have had exposure to web as well as desktop applications.
Desired Skills
  1. Experience with Legal domain/Applications.
  2. ISQTB Certification.
  3. Automated tools like Selenium.
Ruby Backend
  1. Good conceptual and algorithmic knowledge and problem solving skills.
  2. Object oriented programming concepts.
  3. Programming knowledge (Any one) : Ruby, AWK Scripting, Scala, Python, Perl, Java, C, C++.
  4. SQL or NoSQL basic database querying.
  5. Basic commands of Linux.
1-2 Years Experience
  1. Basic knowledge on AI-NLP and Machine Learning algorithms.
  2. Programming knowledge (Any two): Ruby, AWK Scripting, Scala, Python, Perl, Java, C, C++.
  3. Knowledge on cloud computing [AWS or Google Cloud].
  4. SQL or NoSQL basic database querying.
  5. Basic commands of Linux.
Business Analyst
  1. 1 years Experience as Business Analyst.
  2. Should have worked on Product Development.
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