Litigation Management

The Cubictree Litigation Management System helps legal professionals, corporate law departments and law firms to securely and efficiently share litigation and administrative legal information. We at Cubictree Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd provide our clients an intranet as well as web based cross-organizational access to all the members of their legal teams to work closely together under a secure web based system and effectively manage their litigation practices. Our powerful platform brings together all the functions you need to enter, maintain and report the information about the legal matters of your firms in a paperless way. Cubictree Litigation Manager helps you to streamline and automate the legal workflow of your firm by keeping you up-to-date on your firm’s notices and cases, filing and retrieving important documents, storing relevant data, and managing the monetary and personnel expenses related to any legal action.

Key Features

  • Complete solution :

    Comprehensive legal matter management.

  • Role based access :

    Organizational hierarchy based secure access.

  • Analytics :

    Statistical view of your firm’s legal notices and cases.

  • Responsibility Matrix :

    Email alerts for reminders of case updations and tasks.

  • Email alerts :

    Organizational hierarchy based secure access.

  • Manage contacts :

    Manage all third party contacts such as lawyers and lawyers including management of payments and cases assigned to them.

Litigation Management