Law Firm

With Cubictree Law Firm Solution, you can have an automated transparent system to take care of the management of your Law firm business. Law firm management is your 360º Law practice manager. Let our solution manage your appointments, tasks, deadlines, memos and more from one place, while you focus on the bigger picture. Our case sharing option helps you to provide real time picture of the ongoing case to your clients and enables you to enhance your relationship with them. Law firm Solution is a web based online software designed for automating advocate’s routine job with a very simple and intuitive interface. Law Firm Solution is suitable for not only for Law firms but also for sole practitioners to integrate and maintain the management of their law practice as well as business. Keeping track of the hours you spend behind each case isn’t always possible and you may end up losing billable hours every month due to inefficient tracking. But with the assignable on-the-go timer, you can manually or automatically record the time you spend behind each case. With our integrated in-system research, you can easily do your case related research as well as time tracking within the solution.

Key Features

  • Integrate practice and business :

    A complete solution to automate and streamline law practice and related business process like organizing and maintaining the client records, finances etc.

  • Be informed and keep informed :

    Law firm solution not only keeps you notified about the upcoming hearings but also sends an automatic notification mail alert ti your client.

  • User Friendly :

    Intuitive, fast & easy-to-use.

  • Case sharing :

    Safe & secure file sharing and case sharing with clients.

  • Managing documents :

    Safe & secure file sharing.

  • Easy billing & invoicing :

    Capture the billing by time, fixed billing, milestones as well as automated invoice generation.

  • Case related research :

    Integrated, online searching from one central location.

  • Efficient management :

    Powerful and Flexible Workflow Tools.