There are more than 80,000 Causelists that are published daily by over 1000 Courts, Tribunals, ITAT, CESTAT, and SEBI. We at Cubictree understand that searching daily for the upcoming hearings of your firm can be a tedious job if you usually work under a tight schedule. And missing a hearing can be an even greater loss, leading to unintended consequences. Cubictree e-Causelist Alerts enable you to receive daily e-mail alerts about the upcoming court hearings in the various judicial bodies. e-Causelist alerts are delivered directly to your inbox with the authentic details of the upcoming hearings like the case number, case type and the parties involved in each case. We help you not just in tracking case hearings but also discovering new cases thus mitigating business risks arising due to litigations.

Key Features

  • Updated :

    Be alerted 7 days prior of each hearing.

  • Updated :

    Be alerted 7 days prior of each hearing.

  • Daily alerts :

    Daily fresh updates of your upcoming hearings.

  • Efficient :

    Regular, timely and instant delivery of alerts directly to your inbox.

  • Organized :

    Systematic grouping of mail alerts.

    1. Judicial courts: Supreme court, High courts, and Civil Courts.
    2. District Courts.
  • Know First and Act First :

    Deliver superior client service, win new business and monitor litigation impacting your firm.

  • Multiple formats :

    Download in PDF and spreadsheet formats.

  • Catchy interface :

    Attractive and well organized layout of the email alerts.