About us

Cubictree Started in early 2009 with focus to provide implementable and workable solutions to Legal Fraternity in India which includes Corporate Legal Department, Law Firms and Independent Law practicing professionals. Our journey with research over 100 corporate legal departments across business sectors and 150 Law practicing professionals to understand their current practices and requirement of solutions. Along our research we also understood that the Indian legal ecosystem is quite unique in its size, structure and practices, because of it’s broad nature, the solutions developed in the Indian market will be able to serve a much larger global audience.

Along with our research we were also focusing on understanding what would be the technology solution that will assist professionals across the cadre bring more efficiency in managing their work. Over the last couple of years we have interacted with legal departments of numerous corporate houses and companies, iterated through countless revisions of various products to arrive at what we now believe are the appropriate solutions in this space. We think we understand this space now. We have rigorously tested and ironed out the kinks in our assumptions and finally have a suite of proof of concepts, demos and working and deployed products to show for it.

At this stage, we believe that we are well positioned to storm the Indian and the global markets with strong technology driven legal suites.

Team Profile

We are a team of young professionals working from our office in Mumbai and Pune comprising of graduates and post-graduates in Technology domains. Our Head office is situated in Mumbai with offices in Pune and Hyderabad. At an average age of 25 years and combined experience of 75+years, we have a highly potent and capable team of software development professionals.

Guided by well known and highly educated experts on the Board and Management team, the team is capable of generating winning ideas and executing at world class standards in speed and accuracy.